WordPress SEO offer the website, which can meet the requirements of Google. With the help of this, we can get a good ranking, which is the basic aim behind the publication of every website. Poor Man’s WordPress SEO will let you know about the aspects, which are the chief reasons behind the bad ranking.

These plugins are helpful in getting the idea about the requirements. If you want the best results, then it is advised not to use more than one plugin, which basically does the same kind of job. Further, you can collect the information related to the factors, which should be considered for having the good WordPress SEO.

Duplicate content

The duplicate content is prohibited as the content can be easily found by several methods. There should not be the duplicate content, and for such purpose, the plugin can help on the huge level.  

Method of using the tags and categories

We should pay attention to the categories and tags on the website. it is advised to use the keywords as the  categories and put only one post in each category. However, the multiple tags can be used.

Domain name

The domain name is as important for the WordPress SEO as all websites.  There should be the primary keyword in the domain name, and it should be placed at the beginning. In order to set up the permanent redirection, you can choose the option of installing the plugin.

Moving further, there are a number of benefits can be noticed of WordPress seo over the static site.  Well, it is a cakewalk to edit or create the content along with the process of applying the policies. Blogs updates by certain time periods and it is a positive point as it can meet the requirements of the search engine.