Dublin is the city which is in Ireland and quite famous also for spending the vacations. It is the city which is having beautiful sight scene with some historical monuments also. The culture of the city is an amazing one. The traditions, culture, lifestyle, and places in Dublin make the person visit Dublin. But when you go to visit Dublin then make sure to look at the health because it is very important to have a healthy body when a visit to the city.  There are many weekend things to do Dublin so that the trip will become the best memories of your life. Now, look at the 5 things to do in Dublin to gain better experience in life.

Things to do in Dublin:-

Kilmainham Goal

Kilmainham is the place where leaders were executed. The leaders who were executed are of the easter rising. If you are one of them who love to visit the historical things and especially about the fights, then it will be the best place to visit.

Christ Church Cathedral

If you are in Dublin to spend your holidays then visiting the Christ Church Cathedral will be a great option for them to visit. It is the best place where everyone should go to visit. It is a worthy place to visit if you are there.

Dublin Castle

It is one of the most amazing places one should visit in Dublin. It is the place which is built in historical time. The garden made in Dublin behind the castle is the best thing to visit.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above information and will choose the best weekend things to do Dublin to make the vacations better. So make the rip better and collect the best memories of life.