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First of all, Pietarsaari is the name of Jakobstad, which is in the Finnish language. It is the place which is famous for its historic and located in the Ostrobothnia which is in Western Finland. Jakobstad is established in 1652 by Countess Ebba Brahe. The name Jakobstad is given by her on the name of her late husband, Jacob De La Gardie. The Finnish people call it as Pietarsaari. Do you know that the town is having lots of beautiful parks and gardens, this makes it call as the city of parks and gardens. If you are one of them who love to visit natural scenery and want to visit the historic place, then you should choose the Pietarsaari town. Even you can easily find the best Pietarsaari majoitus also there to stay comfortably.

 Experience in Jakobstad

In the town, there are lots of parks and gardens situated in the middle of the town. If you are one of them who are planning to go there, then you must visit the Vicar Aspegren’s famous gardens at Rosenlund. It will create some memories in your mind for the lifetime. The location in the city on the coast allows visitors to meet with almost every outside activity. In the winters, people can enjoy outdoor activities such as ice skating and skiing.


If you are looking for the stay in Jakobstad, there are many alternatives on which the person can spend. There are very high classes hotels located in the city which are at the site of the sea. Even for the economical guests, there are many options available to look for.

The city is literally very much beautiful, and if anyone wants to stay in a peaceful environment, then it is the best place to go for. Make sure to book the Pietarsaari majoitus before reaching there so that you will not face any problem further.