As every coin has two sides, as same as hoverboards too have some disadvantages other than its vast advantages. This makes me here to discuss a few of them in this article. It is evident that a self-balancing scooter requires a smooth and flat surface. So this adds the negative that they won’t have the ability to go off the roads or stairs. However, here go some of the cons of hoverboards.

  1. If you misuse the Hover Boards, then you will end up getting an injury. We daily see the cases of children and adults being hospitalized because of accidents occurred with the fall or collision.
  2. Many cheap quality battery hoverboards might lead to an explosion due to overuse. As lithium batteries used in hoverboards causes overheating and burst them into flame.
  3. You cannot use them in most of the cities, malls or airports as only because of the issues they have encountered with hoverboards. So you won’t be able to carry them with yourself as they are ban.
  4. If you are seeking to get the one, then you will not get them quickly as they are available in minimal stock in the market. Other than this to avoid issues like burning, it has become a lot expensive. This makes it difficult for you if you do not have a reasonable budget in your hand.
  5. Even you won’t be able to travel on them if the space to walk is very less. They do need less space but not that much. So, do enquire your purpose from the seller before actually buying it.
  6. There are also countries whose law not at all allows the Hover Boards. So in that case, if you are dreaming of getting the one, then you will end up wasting your money. As to me, what’s the use of investing in something by which you cannot fulfill all your desires.

Undoubtedly, hoverboards are a lot useful, but they too have some disadvantages that one should consider. Some people buy cheap quality in hoverboards and result face the consequences. I am suggesting you here that at least don’t do this.